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01-29-2012, 01:02 PM
A couple walks down the beach and as they do they hold hands and talk. The blue dialogue is the male.

How many times you figure?
Funny you asked, I was just looking at the album before we left
What album?
Wedding - Stupid
We have been coming here for 20 years
Damn! You haven't changed a bit!
That's what you say to all the girls.
Man laughs
Actually I was wondering why we only come here
Not sure, your boss gave us tickets to Hawaii and he ended comming here with us, remember?
Yeah that was funny. It's the first time I saw him relax
His son was a little beast. How is he?
He is doing great in school and is all calmed down.
She holds his arm'
Love ya honey
I know
Idiot! Now I don't love you anymore.
I know
Not kidding!
I know
She is silent and continues to hold his hand.
They both stop and look at the water.
Then he says
I love you too, just not good at that kind of thing
I know
No really honey I am just not good at it
I know
They continue to walk and finally sit on the sand and look at the ocean.
Feel like something special tonight?
I was thinking of a special surprise
No I mean something nice.
I checked the Tamaryn and rented our original room for one night. Babe, it's our honeymoon day but only 20 years ago.
What? I bet you feel like a sly dog.
Yup, on this day 20 years ago we checked into the tamaryn and started our life of Aruba visits.
HMMM that's not all you started.
Aren't they neat?
The kids.
Yeah they are.
See, I remember sometimes.
Guess what? I found out about it and ordered flowers.
You did what?
You heard me
Figure that!
Tonight Aruba is our gift to ourselves
It is every year
Well then tonight Aruba is our surprise to ourselves

They stand up and walk back without talking. He throws stones into the shore trying to skip them and she looks at him and shakes her head. It's a confidential Aruba scene.

be well

01-29-2012, 02:03 PM
Love that Charles. Thanks for sharing!

01-29-2012, 03:24 PM
Charles, that was excellent.