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05-09-2012, 09:17 PM
I read today that one of the readers on the bb cries at least twice on her visit to Aruba, namely when she arrives and when she leaves. That sent me a powerful message and I thank her for that.


Using pen with ink that is as pure as your oceans and clear as the water that runs across the shores, I write to you and say:

stay this way, change not. be as transparent as a child's tear.
keep the sands in smoothness so that I may pen "I LOVE YOU" across them
assure me that the letters will be for the world to see
if only fleetingly until the moving shore and the winds
carry your message to a far of place
allow me to enjoy my days in thundering silence that assaults my senses
be my partner
be my lover
be mine
justify the clear ink message i write as i leave you and fly away

Aruba, often times I miss you, at the moment I arrive

be well

Eagle Beach Boy
05-11-2012, 09:48 AM
Very well Written. :cool: