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06-27-2013, 09:50 AM
I am only allowed to write a certain type of topic matter in this section, however while what I am about to do is not a Snippet or short story (POEM - WHATEVER) I feel that there is a place for it here since it is in this section that it started.


Over the years, I have received mail from people all over the world that have become (for lack of another way to say it) a bit more curious about our island. Thank you so very much for that. For reasons best known to them, I have received mail eluding to my postings or asking questions regarding Aruba. I hope that the following works for everyone;

To E-MAIL people:

If you have written to me and asked me about this forum, please look for the name ANDREA J. Andrea is our board monitor and she can explain all of the intricacies of being a board member. There is not much to it except filling in a simple form. Andrea will help.

Living here is as wondrous as it is a simple real existence. Think of it this way - We live a normal day to day life with day to day issues and ups and downs - however we have the benefit of experiencing this while living on a magical island.

Single Dad with a great daughter and a very talented son - both living in USA and a little son living with me here.
Charlie Smith is some one totally different than me. We are not one and the same. Charlie has a cool blog and is a great guy.
While I have lived in many places, I wouldn't park my life anywhere else but here.
(To the man in Europe) YES I am the same person and NO I will not elaborate on it.
My greatest love? My children (all of them) and writing about this island.
Religion and politics? I believe in what is real and (to me) both are. Enough said on this.

Please try to understand that I have written hundreds of short stories about Aruba. When you ask me about them, please give me the title. Following are some comments on those I was able to identify.


The Chiki Hut Wars a chiki is a small hut that is used on the beaches in front of the hotels. Guests go to them and get shade.
Leaving Home No not Aruba. Resides in the memories of my father.
The Dance - Yes based on true life and of a special memory
Threads of white Cotton - Yes it is based on a specific scene but not an experience
Window Sill Breezes - Yes it is. Very insightful of you.
Have you ever? - Thank you for the compliment
Aruba Has Eye Candy - Thank you. I am so glad you like it.

Obviously they are are fiction and equally as obvious, I have pulled from my life experiences to write the pieces. It is something that anyone writing does, Most of what I pull from happened in my childhood years here on Aruba. If you have never visited our island, you should really try it.
Yes I wrote a book in partnership with Mr. Werner Bertch. You can get the details on line (arubaiamyourisland.com).
Yes I am working on a second book.

Other comments at another time, however you should really try to join the forum and become a more integral part of this information community.

Thank you and
be well

Andrea J.
06-27-2013, 09:55 AM
re: forum membership

the aruba.com community forum's parent website has experienced MAJOR glitches and delays and new members should be able to register beginning july 5.
it has been a long process and i am sorry no new members have been able to sign on lately.
please be patient :)

06-27-2013, 10:17 AM
Andrea, that clears it up. I was wondering wh I had received the questions on how to be a board member.