View Full Version : Frank and Kathy from CO or Rosie and Alfonso from CA at PBV in April

05-02-2015, 02:42 PM
Hi all,

Had a great time in April meeting new friends although I didn't care for all the bites we ended up with. I thought it was mosquitos since that's what the bites looked like but Juan Pablo (who works at the resort) said it was the ants.
We tried a restaurant we hadn't been to before, Pure Ocean. It was very nice and had good food and nice service. We sat on the beach with our feet in the sand watching the sunset and listening to a guy play violin. And it wasn't very expensive for a dinner in Aruba.
We met some great people this time. Very friendly and talkative. One was Nancy who was waiting for her husband to join her the following week. Others were Frank and Linda from Colorado and Rosie and Alfonso from California. Unfortunately, I've lost the last four's contact info as it was all on the same paper. :confused: If any of you happen to see this, please reply here and give it to me again.
Frank had told me about a lady that was collecting email addresses of people that own at PBV and might possibly want to either rent their time out or rent from other owners. That is a great idea so that people can extend their vacations by a week or even go at a different time of year. Frank didn't have her contact info with him, so I don't know who is doing this. Great idea though!
Hope to hear from someone regarding any of this~!

Cindy from Tennessee

05-31-2015, 05:16 PM
Actually, send a private message so as not to be putting email addresses on the main page where they can be viewed by everyone.