View Full Version : Should I tango with the waiter?

06-13-2015, 03:45 PM
Talking to a couple a few nights ago at one of the more famous restaurants on the island. It was Tango night, (Thursday I think) and The topic at hand was TANGO NIGHT. We have all heard it before: "I love the tango," "It is so cool." "The movie 10 had a tango and Bo Derek is sexy." and on and on and on.
The came the golden statement. One of the wives asked, "Charles, is it alright to dance with the waiter? Do you think he would mind?" I almost said that it would be OK then changed my mind.
I told her, I guessed it would be ok but asked her to think about something.

"You didn't set aside money, plan a vacation, book a hotel or let your timeshare know you are on the way, pay maintenance, book a flight and go through all of that so you can dance with anyone but that guy sitting next to you. Especially the Tango. Just hold that chubby guy that loves ya and be what it is you were when you met and what it is you can be all the time. Aruba gives you that. We are an island where you can be young at 80 and agile when your feet hurt. Don't give a damn about the waiter, give yourselves a shot at island happiness. Go to each other and do the tango.. Not in Paris but in the Caribbean on an island called Aruba.

Be well