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Andrea J.
08-22-2020, 09:53 AM
Yesterday I was told about the 150+ addresses and those addresses with 2 or more infections each.
I did not pass that info along as my source was not one of my regulars, so I doubted the reliability.
Anywho...... Here are Rona's thoughts on her Bath Bleki FB

Note the mention of "fake news" and give some good thought to the importance of tracing.

Here's Rona

Update from yesterday, 73 new Covid19 cases all residents, and all related to the original infections, according to MinPres, which is running in households.
So the good news? No widespread community contagion, all cases are related, 150 addresses have been identified with 2 to 8 infections each, all related to the original hot zone; except 5% infected from an unknown source; 61 patients recovered, and 27 patients are hospitalized of which 4 in ICU. The MinPres refuted fake news about the hospital filling up and assured us GOA continues to monitor the situation, and should extra measures be implemented this will be communicated officially. And by that she put an end to the rumor we were going back to TDQ or SIP.
All Covid19 quarantine and isolation protocols are in place and we were asked to follow them, live our lives cautiously. While the hospital has the capacity to treat patients, who would want to be one? Albeit they have a VIP, special Covid19 floor, no thank you!
Then there was the alcohol sale confusion yesterday which alarmed many of my friends, until the issue was cleared, restaurants are allowed to serve food and drinks, under the new social distancing, sanitation norms, which will help us reduce the rate of infection.
Remember to reduces agglomerations, and pick your trash off the beach this weekend!
At the end of two weeks after the hot zone clusterduck, the average positive cases remains 70-80 per day, this has not increased, and is forecast to decline. Those in quarantine and isolation are urged to follow the protocols in place, help stop the spread!.