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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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    May 2007

    2 Fools and a Bull - changing ownership

    My good friend Paul (an original "fool") has finally made the announcement public that he has sold the 2 Fools restaurant to two new fools. LOL! Not sure if the name will remain the same or not.

    Paul is starting a new business with his new boat for charters and Bas is returning to Holland. His website will be up and running soon for charters.

    This is effective Sept. 1.
    ~Amy~® - Sedona, AZ: April/May 2018 -- Ireland: June/July 2018 -- 36th trip to Aruba: Sept./Oct. 2018 --
    Italy: Nov./Dec. 2018 -- 37th trip to Aruba: New Year's Eve 2018/2019

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    May 2007
    ​this is what was on their FB page.

    To all my loyal Fools, Friends and Followers.
    It is with sadness, but also excitement to announce that as of September 1st the restaurant has been sold to 2 new Fools, ready to feed and entertain you.
    Fool #2 has made the wise decision to return to Holland and get quality time with his family.
    Fool #1 has made the decision after 6 1/2 years to call it quits. Great times...met great people along the way of whom a lot became close friends over the years.
    In these last 6 years I had the pleasure of working with 2 great chef‘s on this Island, but the decision for me to continue with a 3rd was not an option. I wanna thank Fred for starting out with the Fools.
    But I also have the highest admiration for Bas....he stayed with me for another full year without entire family.!!
    As for me....Fool #1. aka Pauly.....
    I want to thank you all for being supportive through all these years. Your company...the laughter...
    I will return this year, but only as a Fool on the water.
    My new adventure coming up...just check the website. Or email me
    Thank you all......!
    Stay Hungry.....Stay Foolish.
    Pauly and Bas.

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