This was an easy walk from the high rise hotels for a good meal, we will go back. Lazy Turtle has outdoor seating in the Paseo Harencia Mall. They describe themselves as fusion cuisine with an African and French international touch. They had an African smoked fish on the menu that I wanted to try, but I was really hungry so I didn't want to take any risks of not liking my meal. A lady we met on the beach had their african chicken dish and raved about it.

We started with an appetizer that was a tuna/ceviche duo. The tuna was just okay, not the best we've ever had, same can be said for the ceviche, but we really enjoyed the banana chips that were served with it. Cocktails were good too.
Lazy Turtle-lt-app-jpgLazy Turtle-lt-drinks-jpg

I ordered the file and shrimp and could cut my filet with a butter knife, it was so tender, and seasoned well. The shrimp were grilled and done well. The sauce is a peppercorn sauce and the potatoes were home fries with bacon and maybe cheese, not sure. They were a nice change for a side dish. Most of their dishes were served with broccoli.

Jon ordered steak kabobs and he liked them, but said there was nothing remarkable about them.

Lazy Turtle-lt-steak-shrimp-jpgLazy Turtle-lt-steak-kabobs-jpg

Service was good here, but the tables did feel a little close together. We were there early so there weren't many other people. I like the atmosphere, but it is in a mall area with a lot of people walking around looking at your food. We would go back.