dear forum members

on occasion misinformation is posted and missing information is not posted.
please, we need to remind you to use care and caution when posting.

timeshare rentals/sales seem to be a particular issue of missing information.
aruba general, culinary and shopping sections are also areas where misinformation is posted.

oftentimes it is as simple as typographical errors.
oftentimes it is unintentional.
sometimes it is done deliberately to mislead.

when posting something that is not indeed fact or first hand experience, please preface your remarks by "my opinion" or "i have been told" or something of that nature.

sometimes, folks act as trolls, creating discord and upset as the only intent.
sometimes these folks are not acting to create discord but feel they are aruba professionals or forum professionals and need to reply to many posts just for the sake of replying or giving advice.
we urge all to ignore trolls as replying to them just feeds their egos and encourages more posts by them.

feel free to direct folks to other threads that may have already addressed the subject.
we encourage you to use the search in the left hand side menu bar.
we also encourage you to use the "tag cloud" to search out things.

andrea j and arubalisa
forum moderators