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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: PF Changs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by robin View Post
    I am with you on that. However, there are those who either 1. do not live near some of the chains or 2. don't like to try new things-I had a friend go to Oahu and stayed close to where we stayed on two prior trips. I gave her a list of local places that were great-various cuisines and local foods for breakfast and dinner. She ate breakfast at Micky D's everyday and went to the chain restaurants.
    We have friends like that.

    Sorry, we HAD friends like that.

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    I like PF Changs. Sometimes when we are out shopping, we stop there for a drink and a snack. In Aruba, however, I don't think I will. It seems out of the way and I think I prefer more local fare.
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