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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: Wilhelmina - May 2021

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    Quote Originally Posted by act1966 View Post
    This island gem has managed to survive and thrive into the post-pandemic era. The staff are still going strong and Chef/Owner Dennis has some plans for the future that will make this mainstay a continuing delight. I wrote about the evening in my trip report so this will focus on the food.

    Off the top, service is still top-notch and the expanded courtyard is beautifully done with a lush, tropical ambience and music played at just the right level. The wine lists (the standard and premium) offer great selection (especially by the glass) and they've added some new cocktails to the already wonderful selection.

    Amuse Bouche - celery soup shots and pork filled bitteballen

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    A constant at W. and still a great way to start. Both are smooth with subtle spicing and the bb's are served on a bed of curry mayo.


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    Ceviche - this is a renowned "Carte Blanche" specialty that Dennis introduced into "Wilhelmina" a few years ago. The presentation alone is worth ordering. Subtle citrus flavours 'cook' the fish and shrimp to perfection. Definitely a must-have for seafood eaters.

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    Short-Rib Ravioli - what can we say about this dish? The Spouse orders this Every. Single. Time. and other forum members have raved about it as well. It's the go-to for carnivores and the jumping-off point for a night of meat debauchery.

    Main Course

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    Braised Short Ribs - continuing in the meat-a-thon, beautifully done short-ribs in a savoury jus that gets a total plate licking. Again, a constant for The Spouse.

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    Shrimp, Escargot and Seabass - subtly steamed with a rich cream sauce and delicately dried and sautéed cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and tomatoes, this dish is probably top of the list for me as it's hearty but light. A winner.


    Stuffed but not defeated... the Dame Blanche. Sadly, the website only allows for five uploaded photos so... NO DB FOR YOU!!

    Please support the downtown restaurant scene in Aruba! God help us all if that short-rib ravioli disappears.

    Omg looks delicious! My husband loves the short ribs and the short rib ravioli! We go to Wilhelmenia during every trip, Yemanja & Barefoot too. So we definitely support downtown restaurants! Enjoy!
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    Looks yummy! Glad your getting out and about. I am thinking as good as the local store delivery is...its great to get out and about!
    Trip 33 begins on July 15.

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    Great review.... and fantastic photos.... always love food porn!
    A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men!
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    Tried this in both February and July, and it was our favorite meal both times. I had the Indonesian Pork with Noodles both times.
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