I am so jazzed! We just came back from Aruba and Curacao.

We have decided now on our hotel which shall be Playa Linda! We have Sherrlyn Borkgren for our photographer. We also are going to be married at the courthouse in the morning of the formal wedding later.
I received several private emails for the photographer's site and it is

You will see why we want her. She works for Newsweek and other magazines and my fiance's brother actually knows some of the editors who she has worked with.

Playa Linda is going to be perfect for our wedding. We really want our guests to have a wonderful time. I decided on not having cake but rather delicious little deserts. I feel like it is all coming together perfectly. I may make one more trip with my mom just to get things super lined up. We have a whole year still---(Iknow don't laugh) but most of the year we are super busy.