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Thread: Is this ridiculous??? In need of honest opinions...

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    Can't wait to find out!!!!!!!!!!
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    I can not even tell you how much better y'all have made me feel! I feel 100% positive that we are doing the right thing! I am definitely requesting Rev. Gibson. I've heard wonderful things about him!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by marinewifetobe View Post
    Hello everyone. I am new posting on here.

    I wanted to get honest opinions on something please and if you have seen/heard of it being done...
    My fiance and I are planning on a religious ceremony in Aruba in October. He is in the military and gets back from Iraq in August. We are planning to legally get married in the U.S. in late August and then doing the whole wedding thing in Aruba. The U.S. Justice of Peace wedding will just be us and 1 witness. We are doing the JOP wedding b/c it just makes sense with the military situation. Right now I am nothing to the military and if he should get orders somewhere, I would not be included. Not to mention if we know we are getting married, we feel it would be ridiculous to dish out a bunch of money for health insurance, etc...just to wait a few months to make it legal. question it absolutely ridiculous for us to have a wedding in Aruba (the dress, reception, DJ, exchanging of rings, etc) when we will already be legally married in the U.S. for 2-3 months prior to the Aruba wedding.

    Just looking for insight and honest opinions.

    Thanks so much!!!!
    not ridiculous at all. We did the same ... look at your wedding in Aruba as a beautiful spot for beautiful photos ... re-exchanging vows...and what they call a weddingmoon I believe (Honeymoon and wedding in one!). The paperwork in the u.s. for us was meaningless, but what we did in Aruba with exchanging vows and it was just the two of us and the wonderful photos we got (one is to the left) was something just for us... good luck!
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