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Thread: Are sky lanterns allowed in Aruba?

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    Most hotels stay away from it not only because of the possible fire hazard but also to be fair to the client as most of the time, because of the strength of the wind on Aruba (yes even in the least windy months), the client will not enjoy the effect that the sky lanterns are supposed to give! Not fair to tell someone "yes", have them spend the monies to purchase and ship them, and then they don't get the full/real effect!
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    Yes, It's possible!

    We did it in our wedding. You will need help from your wedding planner as it's required to advise the airport. It's hard to make them fly because of the wind so be patient. From 20 we made fly like 5. One suggestion is to have enough space between the torchlights so people can move easily around and keep the lanterns close to the ground until they are full of hot air and pull-up.
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    Sky Lanterns in Aruba

    I found this interesting so I called skylantern in Michigan and spoke to owner. She was honest with me and said that the string lantern is the best as everything is biodegradable and she to is environmental friendly and they built these for this purpose.No need to worry about catching fire if caught in a tree because it turns into ashes before it lands as it is a protection that is in mechanism. The downfall of this as she pointed out is that the wind has to be under 5 knots or it will blow sideways and the affect is totally not the same. To light the lantern is an issue in windy weather and as I see in ale's photo it can be done but 5 out 20, I guess ask yourself is it worth the headache, money spent and time taken out of your wedding day. I had a bride who used 4 feet sparklers and they were amazing, in no time all 75 were lit and the photo was amazing on top of it all it went into a contest on pinterest. The guests loved it and it was the last 10 minutes of cocktail party. Here is the link:
    Capturing the passion and love of your special day in paradise.
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