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Thread: Wedding at the Radisson Review

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    Wedding at the Radisson Review

    Firstoff, we had a great time. Everyonestarted trickling in starting Monday. Tuesdaywe met with Lisa, the wedding planner and Angela, the photographer. Okay, so Angela is too much fun. Angela is from Bella Aruba Photos. She goes over every single shot with you andmakes sure everyone you want photos of gets done, she has her list andaccomplishes that. And Lisa is just adoll. We had already met with Tino on aprevious trip (the DJ). So we alreadyknew he was a doll. We also met with George(videographer), don’t know his last name. Then we met with Marietta (make up & hair) for a trial (for thebride). Perfect, exactly what shewanted. She didn’t overdo the make upand the hair was exactly what she wanted.

    OnThursday we had a welcome dinner at Le Petit Café that was donebeautifully. The food was excellent.

    FRIDAY=WeddingDay. Let me start with the players. Lisa Dammerman, wedding planner at theRadisson is beyond wonderful. She doesn’tcare if your wedding is 10 people or 100 people. She treats you like you’re her most importantclient ever. Anything you want or need,she makes it happen. Even after the wedding,she was still doing things to help. Shemade the wedding day perfect. Unfortunately the wind did not cooperate and it was so hot (not onebreeze the whole night). Thank goodnessfor the pool.

    Marietta(hair dresser/make up artist). She wasperfect. Couldn’t ask for more. She actually did my make up right. Most make up artists do your make up like you’regoing to perform on stage on Broadway and the people in the back row need tosee your eye shadow. Not her, she madeeveryone look like hey, this is how I always look when I get up, beautiful& natural. Toni had a photo of thehair she wanted and Marietta did it perfect except she suggested one littlechange and Toni was thrilled with it.

    AngelaMunzenhoffer (photographer). I figuredout she morphs into five people when she is doing a wedding. Whenever you look and see something cute orawesome, you turn and she is already capturing it. Two seconds later you’re looking at somethingelse and there she is again. I calledher the “psychic photographer”, lol. Ontop of which she is so much fun. Thebride & groom did trash the dress and the groom told me he had a blast withAngela. He said I had so much fun withher.

    Tino(DJ). Now our wedding was 25people. We had 3 kids, 7 people in their20’s and the rest of us were older. Oh,we also had a crasher which the couple met last year & invited him and heactually came. He works for theimmigration dept in aruba. Now for Tinoto have everyone on that dance floor from the second the bride finished herdance with her father was amazing. Thebride was afraid since she didn’t have many young people, no one woulddance. No one stopped dancing at all. So if you think you have a group that’s notcrazy and will be boring, fear not. Tinowill get them on the dance floor.

    George(videographer). Don’t know his lastname, was recommended by Lisa & Angela. Another one who missed nothing. His camera was always where the action was.

    SteelDrummer (don’t know who it was). Verygood. Only had him for an hour or two.

    Therest of the time people were leaving in shifts. Oh, we found that Pizza & More downtown. By far the best pizza ever. We just hung out, my husband & I stayedthe longest (of course). Went to dinnerat different places, gambled, shopped (only bought 4 handbags this time, lol).

    Allin all it was business as usual in Aruba, perfect as always. After the wedding, Lisa, Angela, me &Alexandra (the other bride), went out for breakfast to go over everything andto just chill out after everything, just the girls getting together.

    Ourlast day at the airport was a bit of a trial but that was a freak thing. We zipped through the airport and then theyhad to close it down for a couple of hours due to an emergency situation with aplane coming in (I believe it was a private plane from Venezuela).

    Soto any brides contemplating getting married in Aruba, those are mythoughts. I feel we couldn’t have gottena better wedding planner, make up artist, photographer, DJ orvideographer. Lisa is by far the bestwedding planner ever. The Radissonbetter never let her go. Angela willjust have you laughing the whole time but she has photography down to ascience. She misses NOTHING. You don’t even have to tell her to take aphoto of something, she is already there. So hiring any of these people, I guarantee your wedding will be perfect.

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    Sounds amazing!! So glad everything turned out so well Thank you so much for all the great information!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ
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    thanks for posting your thoughts!
    glad it went well

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    so glad that you share similar thoughts of Lisa! I loved working with her! I didnt know Angela before - but have been in correspondence with her after our wedding and think that she is truly wonderful!
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