Hi everyone, i'm going to Aruba on march 8th until the 16th for my spring break. Decided to break the routine and instead of hitting up Myrtle Beach and Florida, Cancun (the usual spots), i'm going to Aruba by myself, while my roommates decided to drive to Florida from NY.
I'm pretty excited. I read so much, and a little overwhelmed with what i can do, since i have only 8 days. I really want to get some diving in, snorkeling, check out the island, maybe a couple clubs. I really don't care for happy hours and such, since i don't drink, but music and chilling out are good by me.
What can be achieved in a week? I plan on renting a car (i really want to get a scooter, but read that a jeep is the best all around, especially in the rocky parts).
Also, should i reserve it in advance so i can pick it up at the airport? I got a pretty good i think on lodging for 500/wk, plus JetBlue from JFK was only 300. I'll be staying at Mill Resort. Not gonna eat at the hotel, i'd like to try the local cuisine (any advice?).
P.S. I'm 22 by the way if that affects places to see?
I really hope it's gonna be a nice break from 4ft of snow of upstate NY, i do love skiing almost every day though