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Thread: Dion Family trip 8/3 - 8/19/16

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    Senior Member kam175's Avatar
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    Jul 2007
    The beach!
    Glad you hear your trip is going well! Pool, pizza, and drinks, is the best (my kind of vacation)!

    It's nice when the kids meet other kids from the island or states. Nice to share stories.

    We love Southwest as well, we use them for most of our trips. We are using AA to fly down but for the return we will use SW.
    We had enough SW points to cover the return flights Worth having SW rapid rewards.

    We will be down in a week :-) can't wait!

    Thanks for posting.
    8th trip to Aruba!

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    Senior Member DiviDiviFan's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    Pelican Pier at sunset with a bucket of Brights! Sunsets at Bunker Bar LG Smith Steakhouse, Paddock
    Sounds like a wonderful trip so far. It is funny how your son's new friend would love to see snow, while a lot of us would be happy if we never saw it again after some winters It is fun to meet new friends every year, some you see again others only thru your pictures but memories are always great! Have fun and enjoying your posts along with WOW, 1600 views so far, No Pressure of course (LOL)

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    Senior Member Aruba4ever's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    Sounds like a great start to your vacation. I love the fact the kids are comparing/contrasting the environments in which the other lives. I am also glad to here the Tropicana special has been a major success! See you next week

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    Senior Member hatteras's Avatar
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    May 2010
    Boca Catalina, Arashi Beach Manchebo Beach, Eagle Beach
    I'm enjoying your report. I love lazy days at the resort, just hanging out with no special plans. That's so relaxing. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your trip!

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    Senior Member MAZOO-2's Avatar
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    Aug 2015
    Lighthouse, Tiera Del Sol, Palm Beach, Baby Beach
    Enjoying your posts. We do about the same----- relax and enjoy. Sounds like you may run out of umbrella colors for your concoctions. Look forward to more, since we will be there in a month.

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    I, too, am very much enjoying your reports. Soaking in everything I can for our December trip!

    We are also Southwest fans, though we are using Delta for our upcoming trip due to schedule constraints and wanting a direct flight.

    Looking forward to to your continuing journey.

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    Super Moderator Jacki's Avatar
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    May 2007

    woke up somewhat early and started cleaning up the room and getting everything in order to move. The boys finished up the left over pizza & donuts for breakfast (mother of the year, huh?) lol It's ok - it's vacation!

    Lounged in the room, everyone took showers and then we waited till 11 to check out. Took our bags over to LaCabana to leave with the bellman, checked just in case our room was ready - it was not, but good news it would be ready in about 30 minutes! Cool! As we were walking into the lobby, rolling our bags with us, my Michael said "Aaahhh Home Sweet Home - it feels good to be home" with this HUGE smile on his little face! The Aruba addiction has hit them quite young!

    We hung out in the lobby, contemplated what to do since we had an hour or so before we had to meet my parents. I wanted to go find Bright Bakery to see a flyer about a soccer tournament somewhere, no one else wanted to go.....I got my free wifi configured on my phone & checked their flight status - crap! They left 15 min early & landed 45 minutes early! They were already on Aruba! So we booked down to The Paddock. Had a few Balashi Chills waiting for them....then ordered a few apps....still waiting, ugh. The finally arrived! Just in time too because I needed more change for the parking meter! Even though I told my mom a hundred times about the parking meters, they decided not to bother! I explained that that was not an option and showed them how the meter worked. and then showed a line of people who were staring at the machine very confused. then I spoke with a parking authority employee who was riding her bike checking cars. I asked about the receipt - does it have to stay in the car? I didn't think it did but every car has the receipt on the dash. Official word is NO - you do not need to keep the receipt in the car. Which makes sense because if you are walking around you need your receipt number to add time, NOT your parking space number.

    So we finished a few more Balashis and they had some lunch and then we came to pick up our keys at LC. My parents' first time staying in their room I found us all a great deal on rooms and we all bought together but they had already rented a room for that time last year so they didn't get to stay in their own room.

    We completely unpacked the suitcases and put them away! and we are now HOME

    Mom & I went food shopping. Almost $400 later both rooms are stocked for the week (unless my children continue to eat the way they did yesterday - mom, can I have a bagel while you make my sandwich?) Growing boys......

    Went down to Glitz for a quick $20 loss, was cranky because I missed the entire 4-6 happy hour, so I made a drink in the room and my parents fell asleep watching TV in their room, my boys pulled out the sofa bed at like 8pm so I figured it was an early to bed kinda night. Which was great, till I got up at 4 WIDE AWAKE!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    Aruba since 1979
    Andrea J.'s Avatar
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    May 2007
    glad that you folks are now settled in LaCabana!

    Loving your reviews.
    YES..mother of the year
    One year at LaCabana, all the cereal bowls were in the dishwasher, so my kid ate his cereal and milk from a saute' pot.
    I said the same thing....vacation, anything goes!!

    Have fun, remember not to miss happy hour today!
    Anything goes on vacation.

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    Senior Member Pegmeister's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
    Any beach!!
    You'll need a nap on the beach After a 4 am wake up! Make sure you don't sleep through happy hour!

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    Senior Member Traceyd14's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Under a palapa on Palm beach
    Our last trip I fell into that early to bed early to rise pattern too. I love the mornings on the beach, but I'm with you,I would rather not wake up at 4am. Love hearing how much your kids appreciate Aruba! Future forum members in the making!
    Always planning our next trip

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