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Thread: Live Trip Report 3/27 - 4/5

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    safe and easy travels to you today!
    enjoy the last few hours soaking in that sun.

    in a few weeks I will be writing a report too and probably apologizing for boring everyone ....but really on this side of the trip reports (the receiving end), it is never boring.

    I for one am grateful for your updates!
    Quote Originally Posted by mvosilla View Post
    The Last Day

    Yesterday was more of the same, only with a slight burn situation. Nothing too painful, but my shoulders are tender to the touch. If I keep applying aloe, the burn will turn to tan before the end of the day. Dinner was Texas de Brazil and it was delicious as always. Afterwards was some gambling with only a slight loss, so can't complain there. I have the 4:40 flight to Boston, so I can spend the morning relaxing just a little bit more before heading up to shower and spending some quality time at One Happy Bar with the guys.

    I'm hoping that leaving on Friday means the airport won't be that bad. In the past when I left earlier on Friday there was no problem, but the afternoon sometimes means long lines, so we shall see.

    Sorry for being so boring in my trip report, but this year was a very relaxing year...
    ​In a world where you can be anything, be kind!
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    There is no such thing as a boring trip report. They all brighten our day.
    Sean and Susan
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