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Thread: Yyz --> aua

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    Can’t believe you are back already! Sounds like Aruba is your #1 home! Enjoy!
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    Yea a fresh trip report. Have fun.
    Sean and Susan
    [Countdown=12/01/2013 2:30 AM;]I'm finally there]Count down:[/Countdown]
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    Quote Originally Posted by schexc View Post
    Nice to see you guys back so soon!

    I'm still not ready to check my medical supplies.
    Thanks, Schexc... yeah, I'm not going to check them either unless the airline can give a 100% guarantee it won't go "missing". Air Canada has an exemption policy where they attach it to your flight record (including the dimensions of the container and any liquid exemptions) and there are no hassles. American didn't even bother responding when I contacted them.
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