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Thread: Bingo at the Radisson

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    Bingo at the Radisson

    I have heard several mention playing bingo at the Radisson. What nights is it played and where is it located?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cumminscrazy View Post
    I have heard several mention playing bingo at the Radisson. What nights is it played and where is it located?

    It was not at Night. It was in the afternoon at the Pool. It was only 3 games. Cards cost $1 each. I think they had it another day. We played on a Wed.

    I would not make plans around it. We just happened to be walking in and it was going to start.

    The first game was a line game. Prize was a T-Shirt and 2 Frozen Drinks.
    The Second Game (WE WON!), was a T-Shirt, 2 Frozen Drinks, and a Pool Side Cabana for the next day.
    The third game was, a T-shirt, 2 Frozen Drinks, and A split of the cash that people paid to play. When we played there were 44 cards out there.

    So the people who filled their entire card, 3 of them, got to split $44. So the best game to win is the second!~
    Decided to take down my timer!
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    @ the radisson
    for $1 that is not a bad deal for a half hrs worth of entertainment.
    and the 2nd game sounds like the one to aim for!

    lacabana bingo cards went from $1 to $2 each
    there are 4 games
    and the final game (covering all of the numbers) is the game to win.
    the pot is sometimes over $100.
    1st game is the worst.....a crummy tee shirt
    2nd game ....crummy tee and breakfast certificate
    3rd game.....still crummy shirt, free frozen drinks and a pizza

    if we are around at 1:45 we play
    we do not plan our day around it.
    one of our friends (charlie) loves it and plans his day around bingo
    i do not think he has ever won.

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    When we were here last September many activities were cancelled because not many people were participating.

    I agree not to plan your day around attending Bingo. I will be looking for it again come September.
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