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Thread: Caribbean Journal..mention of Hilton and Marriott

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    Caribbean Journal..mention of Hilton and Marriott

    Good morning forum friends,

    I do read the Caribbean Journal when it comes in. For this thread, CJ is just the vehicle, not the subject itself.

    For the third time in about a week, CJ has featured the new, updated cleaning and hygiene practices being rolled out by two hotel chains, (Marriott and Hilton) and by AirBNB. Other hotels may follow.

    Since the chains have a presence in Aruba, I decided to put this thread here.

    It really does make me wonder; were the hotels poorly cleaned prior to the outbreak of COVID-19? I have no doubt that some were. I think that hotels in many places, including Aruba, have been taking short-cuts when it comes to housekeeping matters, all as part of a cost-cutting regime. Housekeeping generally refers to individual rooms but I presume the new cleaning standards will apply also to high-traffic common areas like lobbies and pool decks.

    My thoughts? These new cleaning measures are, in my judgement, meant to establish a higher level of cleanliness for sure but also to reassure a jittery travelling public.

    Any thoughts on this? How about the place where you usually stay?

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    We usually stay in both Hilton and Marriott brands-usually Hampton Inn, Fairfield, Residence Inn, etc. in the US and Canada-they are always our top choices. Most appear clean, but as quickly as they are in and out of the rooms, I really wonder if they clean it throughly. I am sure they are doing it to reassure travelers. I just hope those who clean will do it throughly.

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    In the past in Aruba we've stayed at Surf Club and have also stayed at Ritz Carlton and Marriott Stellaris. There is staff cleaning public areas constantly at those resorts. We are pretty clean and organized people, so there isn't much of a mess to clean. At Surf Club, when they clean the villa, they are in the rooms for several hours.

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    I've stayed at the Marriott Stellaris a couple of times and was pleased with the level of cleanliness. At Manchebo I was really impressed. I was still on my balcony sipping coffee one morning when Josephina showed up. I don't think she knew I was there for quite some time. After more than 30 minutes, I opened the sliding door and she looked very surprised. She was still cleaning. I'm pretty fussy (I wipe down everything when I first arrive and even periodically during a stay anywhere hotel I stay at)/
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    I don't think that we have every been unhappy with cleanliness at any of the places in where we stayed in Aruba.
    Sometimes I roll my eyes with the thoroughness that the LaCabana housekeepers do.........I will be doing a"hurry up dance" at the door and they are over cleaning the bathroom!!
    Cleaning is done well!
    One of the worst thoroughness cleanings was at a $700 p night Disney Resort.

    November 26 - December 10 Photos
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