Thanks to a friend staying at Club Arias, I was able to make a nice visit to this place a few days ago. Club Arias is located in Savaneta, about a 10 minute drive south from the airport on the main road. Just look for the faux stone wall and you can pull in and park right there.

This is a bed and breakfast type of place, away from the major hotel area. There are ten rooms arranged around two very nice swimming pools. One pool is deep, the other shallow, which allows you to sit in your lounger with your butt in the water. It also has a float up bar. Lemonade and iced-tea are on tap in big coolers near the pools all day long. There's also a billiard table and covered areas for hanging out.

Rooms typically have a bedroom and then a front room with tiny kitchenette couch and TV. They're close to the pools as in you can walk about 10 steps and jump in the water. Convenient.

Chef Gabby prepares breakfast and snacks, served in the dining area where there is a lending library of books and table games. All terrain vehicles are on site for island exploring, too, as is a local guide for hire.

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If you're looking for an economical alternative to the big hotel scene, you might want to give this place a try, especially if you've stayed in the various hotels and such and are looking to kick back and do your own thing without being bothered.

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