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Thread: Disappointed in new Divi policy

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    If you ever want to rent a condo, see
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    We love the Divi as well, but this year, we rented at the Occidental from an owner, for the week before our T/S at CDM. We found it to be less expensive with a partial all-inclusive option, than the Divi. We have already reserved for next summer.
    "Vacation is what you make of it, take from it and what you leave behind."
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    Interesting reading here....just putting my 2cents in....we are owners at Divi and have been going for many years and ALWAYS bring guests...A couple of years ago a friend was staying at Dutch Village and upon check in asked about the AI...she was told it was 65 per day per person. She was going to do it until I told her to just pitch in on groceries at my room, we would do the cooking and this way everyone would get a "deal"...
    So we shopped for groceries and alcohol/beer and divided up the money by the amount of people.........soooooo much cheaper than doing the AI, plus you can go out in the evening to a restaurant without feeling quilty because you are paying for a meal that you could have had free at hotel.
    We have continued this sharing thing ever since and it always works out great for everyone.
    Consider doing that when you go, especially if you are going with another couple or group, cook in one room and share the expenses !!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arubalisa View Post
    As disappointed as our family was, we realize that it was a business decision and are not taking it personally. They are after all running a business and will charge what the market will bear. Should the new pricing structure not work to their advantage, you will soon see specials. I think it is also important to realize that the Divi/Tamarijn is also now catering to the Uk market as well and they had never offered "children free" through their UK tour operator.

    Everyone can vote with their pocketbooks.
    Every time I looked into staying at the divi this year, they were sold out at least one of the nights during that time period. My guess is that they feel they will be able to increase revenues by changing this policy.

    Obviously my "evidence" is anecdotal at best, but it seems like it has been happening more often lately.

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