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Thread: Divi All-Inclusvie - first time here, all good BUTT...

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    Junior Member vesposit's Avatar
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    Sep 2008
    Baby Beach, Pool, North side on Atv
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    Post Divi All-Inclusvie - first time here, all good BUTT...

    At Divi June 10-15 - got the cyber monday 50% deal... ~$400 night in the Lanai room

    Bad news first:
    - very disappointed with Music around pools and bars, almost ALL RAP, Hip-Hop, Loud in your face
    - at Bunker bar which is AWESOME !! I heard the Fxxx, Sxxx, Kill Cops 10+ times in 15 min so loud could not talk to anyone around, I wondered why in middle hot day not one up here... well made sense, so loud can't talk, and offensive music...
    - around the pool, and pizza bar much of the same
    - quiet pool, had a group with Bluetooth, loud and again all Hip-Hop music
    - beach bar at pool, did play some variety... not much but a bit...

    - So my suggestion is that Hip-Hop is fine... but play some variety: Beach music, Rock, Country, Pop, JBuffet, Marly, Motown... plenty of other genres that people like... just mix it up a bit... and lose the offensive FBomb songs... no place at a Family resort.

    - I did (after a $20 tip) ask for it to be turned down and changed... it was turned down a bit, but did not change, same music genre...
    - Did not mention to any managers, simply there are none that I could find... and this is at the heart of problem, I saw no managers on property, so they play only the music they like...

    Rest is all mostly good news:

    Bars: they have local liquor and brand name (no top shelf) and will make any drink, any way you like it...
    - so you like Bacardi or Absolute just ask and no problem...
    - only caution is they like to make them strong.. if you like this way do it... otherwise ask them to not overpour
    - Beer draft only, Heineken, Balishi, Chill ... all good
    - Bring your YETI !!! they put drinks in this... great to keep beer cold on the beach
    - Hidden GEM... Papparazi BAR... it is open at 5pm and even on tues when restaurant is closed
    - same bartender JC works here each day, he is a REAL bartender... and makes the best drinks we had at resort
    - very nice inside bar... this is a hidden gem... don't miss it... get a smoked whiskey here...

    - all "ok" nothing wrong... not the best place to eat on Aruba but Service is great at all and food is good
    - the Grills, bfast, lunch dinner all very good...
    - Red Parrot - great table, exceptional service, food is ok... pork chop a bit dry... but just being pickey all good
    - Papparazzi - for use the best... table not so great, service again was great, food was best at resort we had
    - Pizza bars, great what you expect, fact and good
    - Sandpiper... this is good and bad, food good, grilled sandwhich was awesome, location is nice only negative is that they need some ceiling fans since while sitting at the bar or table, lots of flies around... kinda nasty to just sit and drink / eat... they just need some fans here ... it is a bit grubby here... needs a refresh and some fans in ceiling would be great... but off the beach grab a drink all great
    - did not try other places... went off property for couple meals
    - bfast was great each day

    - we have ground level Lanai, last room in the line #619
    - rooms are tight but ok, no desk or chair... a round table and GOOFY chair that not cool for me
    - bath was fine, shower walkin, very good
    - no hot water, warm maybe, but all fine for us...
    - excellent Housekeeping, in every morning, great service
    - awesome to walk out of room direct to beach...
    - only issue was on side of our patio was a OVERFLOWING trash can... not sure why even here ? had days/weeks old food
    rotting away in here... not so nice... asked front desk.. but they emptied the ones in hall (which also over flowing) but never this one.
    If I had spent time on patio I would have dealt with on my own... but never needed to.

    BEACH Huts:
    - we up early... up around 6:30am... just walked out grabbed couple chairs and a hut no issues...
    - never saw anyone not able to get a nice hut
    - here is the BEST of BEST... the BEACH here is by far the best we ever been on ... whole island, plenty other nice spots but this
    has the High Rise beat all over... maybe Eagle or Arashi... but being outside our room this is the best beach on Aruba ever visited !!

    - we did not spend time here... LOUD MUSIC ... no fun for us... but they look ok and plenty of room... many having fun here we saw

    - nice entertainment at night at pool bar
    - a bit of dancing... not much but a bit...
    - it was a big slow, jazz was nice one night, but boring after awhile
    - very nice place to end the day...

    - this went fine, waited 30 min to get check in ... only 2 people working and everyone wants to fuss over what room they get, including me
    - they do try to accommodate your request... but this in before and likely you get what ask for... first floor vs 2nd floor...
    - Check out... well this is awesome... no BILL to worry about !!!! Booyah... chk out the night before and all done... a breeze !!!

    This was our FIRST All Inclusive EVERY (never even done a cruise)... you need to decide if a good value or not. Must admit that I was a bit
    more chilled/relaxed not having to worry about my bar bill... free breakfast ... all good. But IMHO ... if you pay more than $150-$200 extra a night for all inclusive for 2 people... not good value... but the no worry is also worth something.

    Would I go back... for sure assuming we can get a good deal as this time... and maybe I'll get a big more insistent if at the Bunker bar and they want to play loud Fbomb music... or I just sit in my hut...

    This is a great resort staffed with great people that is the key... the rest is a bit of give and take, but all good.

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    Senior Member cpjones's Avatar
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    May 2007
    Eagle Beach, Glitz Casino, Manchebo Beach Resort
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    Thanks for the report.... I just plain hate loud music at the pool or beach.... such an intrusion!
    A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men!
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    Junior Member vesposit's Avatar
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    Sep 2008
    Baby Beach, Pool, North side on Atv
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    My big beef is play some variety... and yes not need to be LOUD to enjoy.
    Issue at Bunker is that speakers are mounted on the post... so they at your Head level... actually in your FACE... they should be mounted up in the upper rafter area... simple idea... but would require a ladder.
    Turn it down a bit and play some variety... even a bit of mozart might be ok... no not at the beach ...
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    Senior Member Pegmeister's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
    Any beach!!
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    We used to stay at the Divi and always jumped on the Cyber sale. It’s the only all inclusive we’ve ever done. I liked the convenience of it but we really liked trying other restaurants on the island. The food at Divi was okay, breakfast was what we really enjoyed so we most always went off resort for dinner. Figured if we got a good price with the sale we didn’t mind paying for dinner off resort. Divi’s beach is gorgeous. We loved the staff but there got to be too many kids so we moved on. I would definitely recommend Divi for families.

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    Aruba since 1979
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    May 2007
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    also going to copy this the My Aruba Story

    the music would have bothered me lots.
    notification to the manager would have been my choice.
    sorry that you tipped someone to turn down the F Bomb music.
    that was unnecessary money spent imo. sorry that your $20 did not solve the problem.

    soft Caribbean music in the background would have been far better than the crap they were playing.

    many places have signs up at resort poolside and on the beach asking that music be kept low or to listen with headphones/ear pods.

    and with children present having to listen to the vulgar crap is very unacceptable.
    THINK.. is it Thoughtful? Helpful? Inspirational? Necessary? Kind? SIDTM
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