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Thread: Hotel room or Rental car smell like smoke?

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    Hotel room or Rental car smell like smoke?

    There are some resorts in Aruba and some rental car companies that charge a penalty if you smoke in their hotel rooms (even balconies/patios) or cars.

    Here is some advice from Clark Howard.

    I know a man that was charged the penalty at LaCabana and had it overturned as he did not smoke in the unit.

    Also once at the Renaissance Ocean Suites the people in the next unit to ours were smokers and were penalized. $$$

    Have you ever been:

    charged a smoking penalty?

    been charged a smoking penalty but did not smoke in the room or car?
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    Was never charge for those but for a pet fee... while staying at a hotel we found a dog toy... made a joke about it how long it would take the housekeeper to find it..
    When checking out the joke was on me. Charge me $100.00 for pet fee. The manager was a totally B*tch... told me she knows we have one.
    Check my car.. my bags. she even check the videos and didn't see one. Even search my room when we weren't there. (they told me they did this)
    Even had my vet who was caring for my dog fax and call her with the dog there. Showed her text with the dog at the kennel.
    Threaten me if I did not sit down like a good little gal.. she was calling the sheriffs on me. WTH?? (we were in the Carolina's and wanted to get home before the bad weather and traffic)
    Finally spoke with the DM after 3 hours of waiting.... finally took the fee off the bill.
    In the meantime the housekeeper that said we had a dog was laughing at us and thought it was funny in the breakfast area... saying she hope she still got a good tip from us.. Told her ... your tip is to ".... can't say it here. "
    As we were leaving the manager makes a snide remark ... safe travels, hope you don't hit traffic or any bad weather...
    When we got home called cooperate office, and they end up taking the whole cost of the hotel off.
    Do believe all in involved were in huge trouble since according to the cooperate this has happen previous..
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    whoa....that isn't right at all.....glad you got it resolved in the end.

    I have never been charged a fee for smoke smell in a car or hotel. I have however returned a car twice before I actually left the rental agency because the car smelled like smoke. The car company was gracious and changed the car immediately. This did not however happen in Aruba it was here in the states.
    I also checked into a room at a hotel (in us again) and immediately called to the front desk to have someone come up to smell room. They wanted to put one of those big air thing-a-mabobs in my room for 24 hours to clean the air. I fussed enough that and they changed my room. Since I have asthma and produced and inhaler to prove I could not stay in that room they pretty much gave up the fight and moved me.......bad that I had to even fight about it. I wanted to make sure, in both instances that I did not get blamed and charged !!!
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