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Thread: Marriott property beach condition

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    Marriott property beach condition

    not sure if this has been discussed (i haven't been visiting the site lately)......

    i just came back and can gladly report that the smell everyone spoke of at the beach is largely gone - you can still smell some of it lingering in the air while swimming but the beach is safe. however, the sand in the ocean feels thick and vicous like you're standing on quicksand. it's quite nasty imo. finally, the stellaris has a lot of seaweed floating in water and a lot of crushed shells at the shoreline.

    walking around the shore you can see instances of beach erosion - especially in front of the playa linda and the hotel next to it - the palm tree roots are exposed by at least 2 feet.

    other than that, everything seems normal on the island.
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    Thanks for the update.

    For anyone not too familiar with the situation, Marriott does have plans to address the problem.

    Here is a description of the cleaning process which the Marriott will be undertaking in February.

    "Sea Solutions NV Complete First Beach Maintenance Project In Aruba.

    Thanks to the island’s government, Moomba Beach Bar, Holiday Inn Sunpress Resort, and Playa Linda Beach Resort a giant project of beach maintenance was just concluded on Aruba’s famed Palm Beach.

    The first portion of ocean front to be scoured was the one in front of Moomba Beach, where a stretch of 60 X 50 meters of swimming area was completely restored in three stages, a process which took 25 working days.

    Sea Solutions NV with Ulysses Matarozzi spearheaded the project. During the first 10 days Sea Solutions N.V. used a net to remove all plastic, aluminum, seaweed, and waste that doesn’t belongs in a natural sea environment, and to bring it to the surface and bag it ready for delivery to the dump.

    In this process approximately 4,000 kilo, in other words four tons of non-organic matter and seaweed emerged from the bottom of the sea.

    In the next phase which also lasted 10 days Sea Solutions N.V. used a suction pump to remove approximately 600 cubic yards of mud from the ocean floor. The mud, a natural organic sediment, which serves as a very good nutrient for sea life, was discharge at sea, far away from the intake point and the swimming areas.

    In the third phase which lasted for five days Sea Solutions N.V. pumped in 300 cubic yards of clean sand into that same area where the mud was removed forming an unspoiled white coat of sand at the bottom area.

    At the end of 25 work days the beach was totally recuperated and ready for visitors and locals who enjoy it, in its pristine state.

    As a result of Ulysses efforts a number of charter operators, among them the Jolly Pirates, vowed to switch to serving drinks in an eco-friendly plastic cup which dissolves in sea water and is available here from Aruba Supplies & Distribution.
    Aruba’s adorable kid, can now play on a beach clean, at the Holiday Inn Sunspree and at Moomba Beach.

    Ulysses originally started working on Palm Beach when he was hired by the government to install the buoys and ropes designating the swim zones; he later offered his services to the resorts maintaining that swimming area system intact and free of stinging algae and barnacles. While at work, Ulysses started collecting wind-blown plastics, aluminum, and other inorganic waste from the sea floor on a weekly basis, helped by a team of maintenance snorkelers. The rest is history; Ulysses is now performing maintenance work on the beaches full time.

    For more information contacts Ulysses Matarozzi, Sea Solutions N.V.,
    Story submitted by Rona Coster"

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    I spoke with the manager at the Surf club. They are starting this process at the beach next week.
    happiness is going to Aruba with your adult kids because they still want to come with their parents
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