Bon dia one and all...

Bear in mind when I say this that I'm not being a smarty-pants, but a painful fact of life is that prices go up. Simple as that. I recall an elder using the simple phrase, "It's 1985, you can't rent an apartment in Florida for $60 a month anymore." Pretty much saying that no matter what we do, things, especially prices, change and go up.
My mom remembers buying a loaf of bread for a nickel....

Aruba's no different. The rise in prices are just as evident there as they are here at home. Look carefully at it and you'll see. And life's no different on the island than it is at home. The residents of the island have to pay rent/mortgage, all the costs and stuff we do, and their prices have gone up as well, and no matter inexpensive things may seem, they can't stay that way forever.

The price of progress, sorta.

It's part of living and dying I guess.

We should be glad that we're able to go at all. Not everyone has the option.

Oh yeah, the vacation was amazing. Interesting experience doing the timeshare for a week. Different sensibility, different vibe, but still really nice.