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Thread: Where to Stay - October 2012

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    ENZ...please if you have a property to offer this person
    a) do it in this forum
    b) list it in timeshares or apartments

    or if you have a suggestion that may help many about the benefits of a rental house instead of hotel , please post so we can all see.

    i just want no misunderstandings.


    Quote Originally Posted by Enz View Post
    Have you given any thought to staying in private vacation rental houses? There are some beautiful homes on the island that are available to rent. For the prices that you quoted you could easily rent a private home with your own private pool to celebrate your anniversary. If you would like more information on this PM me.
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    Any Aruba beach...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Enz View Post
    Have you given any thought to staying in private vacation rental houses?
    Nice option, but does anyone know of any that are located on the beach rather than inland? Nicer to just walk on to the beach rather than having to drive there

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    We booked with the Hyatt, and we recheck the rates a couple times a week. They will give you the lower rate if you call them, whenever the rates go down. When we booked, they were offering the "3 for free" deal, which is free breakfasts, free room upgrade, and one free night when you pay for 3 (the 4th night is free). The price on that deal dropped from $420 when we booked, to $335 per night. Not sure if it will go down more than that, but they just added a different deal without the room upgrade and a 5 night minimum. The rate for that is $310 for our dates. So if you have to go to the Hyatt, you could book it and keep rechecking prices. Seems like they go down a little every month. I have had it adjusted 4 times so far.
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    Thank you all for the wonderful feedback. I'm going to explore all the recommendations and will also continue to keep an eye on the Hyatt rates just in case.
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    UNCfan, we usually use my husband's hotel points for our Aruba trips. Generally, he stays either at Hyatt or Marriott when traveling, so we've stayed at both resorts in Aruba (Hyatt twice, Marriott Stellaris many times). If you really like the Hyatt, but are concerned about the price, you might want to check the rate at the Stellaris. Aruba was on our short list for our summer vacation with our grown sons (one in college, one graduated but not married, so they're able to still carve out a week for old folks). We were going to pay for our rooms, so we checked rates. For June, the Stellaris significantly cheaper than the Hyatt (at least when we were checking rates in Feb). I'm not sure if that's the rule, or was an anomaly, as we don't usually look at price. Personally, and I know people have different tastes, I think they're very comparable, with each having a few points I like over the other.

    A few standouts for me:

    Hyatt: Location!, secluded hot tub, the ocean seems to be clearer.

    Stellaris: Spacious rooms, large balcony with room for sitting, the new adult only pool looks wonderful.

    Between my husband and myself, if I had to pick one over the other and price being the same, I'd chose the Hyatt based on location. My husband would pick the Stellaris based on the rooms/balcony. But, we'd both pick the better deal as the resorts are so similar in our opinions.

    Congratulations on your 5th anniversary!!
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