Our 11th visit to Aruba next week (Jan 11), but first time at Ocean Club. We spend the day on the beach, eat dinner and repeat. That said, the palapa selection process is more important than it should be, but it's our reality.

Can anyone please give detail on the Ocean Club process? We stayed often at the Stellaris and I had that process down. This is new, and I don't like new (creature of habit).

-> Where do you go on Ocean Club property to rent and/or select free and at what specific time afternoon prior for next day?

-> When do people typically gather and where do they gather (bench seating?)

-> What is required to rent or select free (we never stayed at Timeshare, so is it Name and Room Number? Can charges be made to room at Ocean Club?

Any tips, hints or insight would be appreciated. I do share the "don't worry about it there should be palapas available", I just am far more relaxed when I control my own destiny on this process I will definately relax "on line" with drink in hand and brought to my by my fam...getting to talk to guests, so the process is not stressful. I just want to know everything about it, before I step on the island.

It's the boy scout in me! Thanks so much!