PT works. The place I go is in the same complex as Stu's office which means it is less than 2 miles from home. I've been there and Stu has been there more times than we can count. It's a small place and even though some of the staff has been moved to other offices or retired, we have been going there so long that we know about each other's kids, trips, etc. A few years ago, I ended up there and so did one of best friends from high school that I had lost touch with-we actually walked together at graduation. For several weeks we were there at the same time 3x a week. We had such a good time getting caught up. It made PT easier for both of us and the therapist were very entertained.

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Thank all I am feeling really positive. Robin I did therapy for my left shoulder in 2017. I have 3 small tears on my rotor cuff and it was very painful and could not sleep at night. After 30 PT sessions, I have not felt pain since and avoided surgery so I am a big believer in PT. If I do try to lift something heavy I do feel the pain so I avoid that.