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Thread: Being a Pen Pal for the Elderly

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    Being a Pen Pal for the Elderly

    Do any of you have elderly family members who are very isolated?

    If you would like to PM to me their name, their address, I can begin (for those of you interested) a process for one of us here on the forum to to send your loved one a card, a photo, a few kind words, a drawing from a child.

    1. So if you have a loved one that would enjoy a card or note etc, please send me their name and address!

    2. If you are interested in sending one of these isolated elderly folks a card or a note etc...Please PM me that you are interested and as soon as I get a loved one's name and address I will forward to you.

    No sending $ or gifts
    No sending overly words that would add to the anxiety

    Maybe just a few words that say. (example) ........Hi I am an forum friend. Just wanted to say hello and wish you well. I know we are so looking forward to our world getting back to normal and that hopefully will be very soon. Please stay well and be happy!

    thanks. Andrea James
    ​In a world where you can be anything, be kind!
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    Awesome Idea! I work at a Council on Aging and this is one part of this whole COVID 19 we are worried about. Seniors who are lonely, we all make phone calls bi-weekly to check-in see if they need lunches delivered, how they are and just to say hello! I just emailed our social worker who has a Pen Pal Club at the center to see if this is something we can do and share names. I hope she says YES!

    What a special service to offer


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