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Thread: Dominican Republic Resort Issues

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    FBI has results. (Deaths by natural causes)

    as much as many do not like the DR........this situation hurt them deeply...........many tourist dollars were unspent in the DR and were spent elsewhere.

    Aruba was "buried" for a number of months during the Natalee Holloway disappearance.
    the whole island was punished as a result..........worse situation than the DR........but kind of the same.

    while the DR will recover financially, lots of potential tourists will think about "death" and will take a "pass"
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    Sorry, don't buy it. And the deaths didn't affect my decisions on the DR. My husband wanted to go years ago and I said I go no place where they tell you not to leave the resort. That was one of the choices on the debate of our first trip to Aruba. I said no way am I going there. Everyone I knew who went said its nice, just as long as you don't leave the resort. Duh, and there is the robot saying "danger will robinson"...When I am in Aruba, I not only can go anywhere, I can go alone anywhere. Its a no brainer.

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