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Thread: I need help. Are there any English teachers here on the forum?

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    I need help. Are there any English teachers here on the forum?

    Good evening,

    While I try to write reasonably well here, I have made many spelling mistakes and grammatical goofs so I still need some help.

    Here is what I am asking.

    How do we properly describe a situation which happened in the past, but some aspects of it (aspects that cannot be changed) are still in the present? What tense do we use?

    Example: You are giving a statement to police about an incident you were a witness to. You use the past tense to describe things like clothing, weather, etc (He was wearing blue jeans and a black jacket. Or, it was cloudy and raining.) But what about something like race? I think you would use the present tense. You can't say "he was white", can you? Presumably he still is.

    Any English teachers able to help with this?

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    This detail is appreciated and respected. I would say that you use "was" as you are describing an incident or person. However, should you use "is" white, while sounding awkward, the person you are communicating with, will understand - - and that is successful communication. With respect to Aruba, my mind is purposefully not challenged. It is left as an open forum to daydream and drift. It's "downtime" in every sense of the word.

    Bon Bini!
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