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Thread: Mother's Day

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    Mother's Day

    First I want to wish an early Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's, grandmom's, stepmom's, etc.

    Any of us with kids knows they can be trying at times and we all probably have a funny story about a time our child/children did something/said something that was somewhat embarrassing at the time or just very funny. I am sure even if you are not a parent, you did something to embarrass your parents. So in honor of Mother's Day, share a story about what your child did that was funny or embarrassing or a time you embarrassed your parents.

    My older son(Paul) was 3 years old. I took him into the ladies room with me at Sesame Place. The was a long line of moms with kids and it was pouring outside and people were taking refuge in the bathroom. My son use the bathroom and then I did. He very loudly asked, "Mommy, why don't you pee standing up?" which was met with a bathroom full of laughing moms. That was the last time he was in a bathroom stall with me.

    Our younger son(David) liked to get laughs. David is very short like me and he is a September baby so he was younger than most of his classmates. When he was in 2nd grade, he was in an after-school program and they put on a program for the parents. During this program on stage, he kept wiggling into the back rows, basically disappearing, and then would wiggle back into the front row in different places during the whole program, grinning and making funny faces and getting huge laughs from the audience. We did not know where he'd pop out next. We were embarrassed but the parents in the audience thought it was a planned part of the program.

    When I was about 4, my family went to the Philadelphia Zoo. I saw flamingos for the first time and did not understand where they hid their second leg when they stood on one leg. Fast forward a few months to a hot summer day. A friend of my parents came over. Sasha had lost a leg in WWII, he had prosthetic leg, but did not always use it. This was one of those times. As he was walking, using his crutches, I walked along, bent over trying to look up the leg of his shorts to see where and how he was hiding his leg. I remember explaining to my parents, who were mortified at my behavior, that I was just trying to see where he was hiding his leg like the bird at the zoo. My parents were not happy with me at all, but Sasha thought it was funny.
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    Robin, those stories are so funny! Happy Mothers Day!!! to all of you mothers on the forum! I hope you all have a wonderful day! And remember, when your kid shows you how to do something on the computer and thinks your dumb, remind them you taught them how to use a spoon!

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    Happy Mother’s Day to all moms.
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    Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms and the dads that act as moms!

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    Good stories robin. Sorry I have none to share as we don’t have kids. Happy mother’s day!

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