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Thread: Please keep my husband in your prayers

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    Senior Member brady bear's Avatar
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    Feb 2015
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    Lou is doing better.. one day at a time. He still needs the 02 at night. We did go to the dr's and still can not get a clearance for the colonoscopy; but have a gut feeling isn't going to be good since two test (very good one's colonrectal determines cancer) came back positive. But we will get through that too.
    Started Planet Fitness vs Cardio rehab. Rehab co payment $50.00 per day 5xweek for 16 wks.. I can hire a personal trainer for cheaper. lol
    But no I got a fitness workout for him and my son & I go with him everyday. We are a team and will work as a team too.
    Tomorrow he goes to the pulmonary specialist.

    I am doing good.. a pro now at mowing the grass (broke the tractor.. dang but my neighbor was so kind and fixed it.) Dang him too. lol
    Don't mind mowing actually or weed wacking.. but edging I hate it and Lou is cleared to do it.. (edging only wt 6 lbs)
    He can now drive but has been driving me crazy. (no glad he is though)

    Now my brother just had a quint bybass. omg he looks like he got butchered compare to Lou. So grateful for his Dr. and the UF team.. go gators.

    Thank you everyone for caring. You all are better than some family members.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jacki View Post
    How is Lou doing? And you too?
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    Senior Member Pegmeister's Avatar
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    Glad to hear there has been some improvement. Being cleared for driving is always a big deal. Lou is in good hands with you and your son. Prayers that his tests will be good.
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    Super Moderator Jacki's Avatar
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    Continued positivity!!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ
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    Senior Member Aruba4ever's Avatar
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    Glad he is on the road to recovery, driving is a nice step in the road to full health.

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    Senior Member DiviDiviFan's Avatar
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    Your family sure has its hands full, so glad you are doing it as a team. Continued positive vibes and strength your way.

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    Senior Member __steve__'s Avatar
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    Aug 2014
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    Positive attitude and prayer can be the best medicine

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    Senior Member Sue M.'s Avatar
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    Jun 2014
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    Thank you for the update. We have all been keeping you and Lou in our prayers. I hope each day gets a little better for both of you.
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