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Thread: Prepping for Chris and Sarah's trip! December 10-17

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    Prepping for Chris and Sarah's trip! December 10-17

    Ok, sorry but I am starting a few days early because just getting ready for the trip is worth writing about.... hope nobody minds. We go through phases as a couple of traveling a lot and for the past 7 months it's been no travel for my wife's work or for us on personal trips. When you travel often you are ready to go, have a suitcase almost packed standing by but when you are home for a few months you get lazy and things pile up. So it takes a bit to get our travel MOJO going. I do all the cooking at home so I am trying to consolidate and cook or freeze what is left in the fridge. I was raised by parents and grandparents who went through hard times so I learned not to waste food if possible. It makes for some interesting dinners. Tonight I made a pizza with some dough that needed to be used or chucked but I realized as I spread out the pizza crust I had no mozzarella cheese but I did have Fontina, Jack and Parmesan so it all worked out and I had plenty of salad stuff to use up! The wife liked it and we have been on a kick of streaming the old Star Trek TV series that has been remastered. Those were some funky plots but fun to watch and remember them from long ago!

    Earlier this evening we also had 2 middle school "Holiday" band concerts to go to for our grand kids. The sixth grade boy plays clarinet and there must be 50 kids in that orchestra band. The Christmas songs were good but there were surely a few bad notes played that made us cringe. Our 8th grade grand daughter's concert orchestra played much better. Funny to see that girl who hated the flute is now second chair and plays very nicely. Tomorrow brings our 8 year old GD's birthday so I shopped today and wrapped a gift. We are also getting together Christmas stuff to send to our kids and their families in Alaska, Seattle and Idaho! If we wait until we get back it might be too late, especially for the kids in Alaska.

    My wife and I decided to just not decorate the inside of our home for Christmas this year and only do outdoor lighting. Since the kids all have families, several live nearby and we just do the big gatherings at their homes at Christmas so we figured do the outside and the house will look more lived in while we are gone. That being said, who do you think was up on the extension ladder today hanging Christmas lights today???? And why is it that lights you bought last year and worked fine when you took them down seem to have several mystery bulbs burned out this year?

    What else needs to be done??? Well my wife noticed that the full size glass sunroof on her 2015 Ford Edge has a huge circular crack on it when she went to work today. Did some research online and seems to be a defect that Ford is taking care of but looks like I will be at the Ford dealer tomorrow to have them address it and order the parts they need! And my wife had her physical last week and has to do a chest xray this week and some blood work... guess we can fit that in, too.

    So far our flight looks to be on schedule and we figured out which kid can take us to the airport so we don't have to pay to park. Suitcases are in our guest room getting a few things put in them.

    Only 3 full days left before Saturday.... We are supposed to get our first near freezing weather on Friday. OK, I know a bunch of you live up north but in Houston it rarely gets cold enough to cover delicate plants but here it is coming the day before we leave for the Aruban beaches! Friday morning will be funny as it will be cold and I will probably wear my Icelandic Lopi sweater that I hardly ever get to wear and then on Saturday it will be beach wear for a week! Wonder what else is in store? Stay tuned and I will keep you posted!
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    Oh no one minds I'm sure! I'm so excited for your trip!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ
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    I think you are all prepared for your trip. Have a safe one and enjoy Aruba.
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