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Thread: Square Traders... warranty

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    Square Traders... warranty

    Has anyone ever got the extended warrant on products such as 70 in TV's?
    We got one 18 months ago for our 70 in TV from Sam's Club.
    Son notice a small black shadow on the edge... very hard to notice
    So he call the warranty; after sending pictures of it they ask if we would settled for
    another tv (both are HD; 4K and etc... only thing it would be a 65in and we can
    still keep the other one or dispose it.)
    Son agreed and three days later it was delivered.
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    We had good luck with iPhone coverage on square trade. The phone conked out Due to the home button and square trade replaced and did not want the other in return. We brought the other one to a friend who tinkered with it and got it working although home button sticks sometimes.

    Glad the tv situation worked out!
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    Once my husband bought an extended coverage on our washer and dryer from Lowes. Never again. About two years in we had an issues. Guy comes out and says it needs a part. A week goes by-nothing. I start calling everyday-Lowes claims they can't get the part. I call whirlpool, they have the part, I tell Lowes service(it is who they contract). They say they can't get it from Lowes. One guy tells me that Whirlpool has to manufacture the part because it hasn't been made it. I ask then how can I have it in my machine? I talk to various supervisors. As week three comes close to an end, I call again and ask for a supervisor again. I tell them that I have the consumer hotline for ABC, NBC, and CBS out of Philly open on my computer. We can settle this issue on the phone or on TV in front of the Delaware Valley. Lowes then says they will refund the full amount I paid for the washer(per the contract). I call Whirlpool and say tell them(Whirlpool was great) that Lowes will refund my money and they want me to buy a new machine, but since Whirlpool isn't making the mist green anymore, nothing would match and I didn't want a new machine. Whirlpool sent me the part(which looks like an ink cartridge and cost about $100) for free. Four weeks without my washer as my son was preparing to go to college. Any other place would have been able to just get the part within a week. Yes, I did make out $$$ in the end, but it wasn't worth it-time, stress, etc.

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