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Thread: Throw Away your Sadness or Anger or Upset here.

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    Family members can truly be toxic. I can tell you though if you're able to find the way to give up the anger, it gets so much better! If that means limiting contact with the toxic ones then so be it. Sometimes putting it in writing helps, so this thread certainly serves the purpose. Prayers for everyone to find our way to a happier 2017!
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    totally agree with you. I wrote Mary 1x telling her if she keeps harnessing me or my family i will call family services. She stop but will do her crap
    Today I saw a picture of her and dad. He was geting medals for being in the Korean War ones including the purple heart. That evil witch never told everyone making him think we didn't care and now has them
    I feel they should go to my oldest brother who did 4 tours and 20 yrs in the army.
    Well of today I will keep away from the evilest...even if its my mother
    the ones that associate with she buys them..
    I am priceless and can't be bought
    2017 is going to come in with a new chapter and better adventures
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