Good morning friends,

I don't know about you, but I really do miss the Trivago guy. I thought I would be a really good replacement for him. I practiced in front of the mirror almost daily. Then, along comes the worldwide pandemic and woosh, another retirement career path cut off.

There are going to be plenty of winners and losers in the aftermath of this whole thing. The potential losers have been talked about aplenty but what about potential winners?

Travel agents could eventually emerge as winners if they can survive the current crisis. I have read in various sources that some large Internet travel providers, whether they specialize in air, accommodation or other aspects of travel or all three, owe large sums of money to airlines, hotels, car rental companies etc. Some of these I-travel companies maybe looking into the commercial abyss.

Any other guesses, and that is all they are, about who may emerge stronger when this comes to an end.