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Thread: Your timeshare resort policies

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    Your timeshare resort policies

    Does your timeshare resort rent out units on their own for a night or 2 or a week?
    If so, does this help the overall financial picture (even if only a little?)

    Does the resort allow the staff to rent units at a very discounted rate?

    There has been some chatter on some FB closed groups where timeshare owners are outraged that:
    1. some units that are in forelosure are being rented, adding revenue, but the owner's do not see any benefit.
    2. some are complaining of multiple families taking over a unit, with folks in sleeping bags etc.... (8 people in a unit for 4)
    3. some are also complaining that employees are being given huge discounts on weekend stays.

    What do you think?

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    I must be a lousy timeshare owner, too laid back I guess, but as long as there is space for me to come and spend 2 weeks a year I'm happy. I don't have time to worry about employee discounts, although I think it's a nice gesture. As far as over-occupancy, I've never seen anything like that at Surf Club. Of course some people are happiest when they are complaining about something. You can rent a single or multiple nights at the Surf Club.

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    Without specifics/details as to what an individual's contract is what goes out is loud noise & no signal.
    (think swamp gas)
    What is an individual's timeshare contract "type"?
    Each is very much different in the contractual obligations that are established.

    Deeded Fixed Week, Deed Floating Week, Points-Based, Fractional Ownership or Right of Use?

    What one's legal "rights" are will vary based on the contract type.
    When one is in default (effectively breach of contract) one's "rights" (per se) will be subject to the contract type.
    Example - a Right of Use (RTU) contract that goes into default typially leaves one "all out". The asset reverts to the resort owner and consequently any dispostioning of this unit's usage is soley determined by the resort owner. Any benefits accrued from this disposition are soley the resort owners.
    Good to know a RTU contract does not give one an "ownership" stake.

    Consider - you default on the auto loan. The bank repos the vehicle & resells it. You get none of the proceeds associated with the sale. No surprise, that; you defaulted and the contract specified what happens when you default.

    Discounts - Ok. So, what does the actual resort "owner" say here?
    For the deeded fix/float week contract the resort typically has an elected board that sets policy.
    Typically these boards do not authorize employees to cut deals with/for incoming guests.
    With that said the board could establish protocols for such.
    However, employee origniated "discounts" at the enterprise level (e.g., Marriott, Wyndam, Hilton, HI, Trump, etc.) or RTU operations (i.e., Divi in Aruba) can and do bring about termination of employment.

    "Fractional Stays" (1, 2 night stands).
    Typically Points based programs (e.g., Disney Vacation Club) support this.
    This lets many DVC "owners" visiting WDW to hop between Disney resorts in Orlando. 3 nights at Old Key West, 3 nights at Sarasota Springs, etc.
    Other programs might/can but typically it is not formalized or it is not allowed.
    For instance, the resort owner of a RTU program typically has no obligation to accomodate someone doing a sublet of their contracted fixed week. Jack could slip Jill into the unit for day 6 / 7 of Jack's fixed week. But Jack is still on the hook for the closeout invoice.


    What's in your contract? If the word "availablity" is present then the bottom line is you get what is available.
    If that is not what you expect; well, as the French might say - "tant pis".
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    PBV rents timeshare weeks they own (unsold) and will rent for owners (for a fee) who aren't going to use their weeks. I'm not aware that staff gets a discount.

    They don't seem to try too hard to rent for an owner in our limited experience. There is a policy limiting occupancy - 4 people for a one bedroom, 6 people for a two bedroom, etc.
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    We use to own a condo in NY and I think there was some similarity. The condo association rented out units that they had to foreclose on, prior to selling them again. The money was brought into the funds for the condo association so in theory it would cover some of our expenses. To be honest I did not worry about it, although I would have if many units were being foreclosed on.

    I think its a great question to ask if the timeshare itself owns any units, if so how many. I am sure they rent those prior to renting an owners based upon the revenue it would bring in. Andy's experience with the PBV seems to back this up my point somewhat.

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    Good for those employees! We should all be so lucky as to live on a beautiful island and work our butts off at a beautiful resort and work for an employer who appreciates us and gives us perks. People need to smile & relax & spread some love.
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ
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    basically I own which ever week I have paid for, so for the rest of the year I really do not have a say in anything. As long as I get my unit during my stay I am happy...and as long as the unit is cleaned prior to me coming. Have yet to have a problem in all the years of ownership (20 +/-).
    If the employees get discounted rates the better for them, they work hard while we are there having a blast on vacation so they deserve it !!!
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    Yes, La Cabana regularly rents out available weeks or nights that are either 1) in foreclosure or 2) available because owners have used the resort's rental program. It is always in the best interest of the cooperative and its owners to keep the resort as full as possible. Management does sell off some excess foreclosed weeks each year to owners and the general public, but also keeps some in inventory for rental, primarily for the benefit of existing owners seeking additional nights.

    I am not aware of an employee rental program, but it may exist. I've never heard of a problem with occupancies in excess of the permitted number per room.

    Outrage? I've seen some of these complaints on Facebook. Although I'm very active on several Aruba pages, I'm often surprised at how so many owners seem to lack a basic understanding of how timeshare properties function, what the bylaws state, and what it takes to manage the financial affairs of the property. If everyone paid their maintenance fees every year, there would be much less need to rent weeks to cover annual expenses.

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