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Thread: American Airlines schedule changes

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    Quote Originally Posted by danadog56 View Post
    Same thing happened to us a few years ago on USAir, flight change, seats seperated...when I just happened to check and called to see what the problem was i was told by a representative that "you don't own the seats, we do and can change them at our discretion" which I replied that I understood that but the reason I book early is so I get the seats I want and together. After at least an hour of arguing with her she finally relented and put us back in the seats I put us in to begin with.
    Sam thing happened last year(now AA) with same results, flight wasn't changed but our seats were and I was upset because we were in first class. I was told that it was an oversite and that there were not enough seats to put us back together. I told them that since I booked first and paid for the seats they better put us together and that it was not my problem that someone moved me by accident....after much discussion we were put back together.....
    sometimes it makes you wonder what the airlines is thinking...or not !!!!
    Crazy sums it all up. I agree I always pay extra $$$ for extra leg room etc. I always set up text and email alerts. I always book way early. I am hoping this year with a different Airline it will be better. I know there are times when the actual airplane is changed which causes a time change but when seats together are split apart by 10 rows it is a bit much. I must give credit when it is due I always did get text alerts for gate changes and/or delays just not changes to our seats for some reason, maybe they don't want the phone calls (lol)

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    Delta changed my seats twice without notifying me, on 2 separate vacations. I only found out because I like to fantasize about my trips by looking at my itinerary as the time approaches. The first time they moved me from Premium Economy back to Economy without notice, and certainly without an offer to refund the difference in prices. The second time they moved me from aisle to window. Both times I was able to change my seat, though my choices were more limited after I found out.
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    One time on Jet Blue I booked 3 seats together. I checked in and didn't look at the seats. When it came time to board, I noticed we were separated and I was very upset because my niece would be separated and I knew she would freak out. Turns out the plane was changed so they change all the seating assignments. They said calm down and they found 3 seats together in extra leg room which is were I was booked.
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    Really crazy how they do things, as I and someone else mentioned already...I book way early so I can pick the seat I want and so I can sit next to the folks I am flying with. When they change planes or times they should just plop you into whichever seat you had to begin with but I think they just push a button and you get what you get. I also think the for folks that do not fly frequently they do not know that they can call and ask politely (at first) to have seats put back together. Also, if they change your flight times they are required to notify you in case you have a conflict and can't fly those times. This happened also and when I asked why I could not pick the flight I wanted I was told it had to do with some "letter" which meant I couldn't change. When I said I would pay the difference the attendant said that wasn't the point it had to do with where I was flying to for a layover...yada I finally said then cancel and I will fly another airlines that is more accommodating.
    She put me on hold for 20 minutes ( I timed it), then cam back on and said since there wasn't a 120 minute difference between the original and newly assigned flights that legally I was stuck !!!!
    So we fought some more and finally she won and I settled for whatever.....That was right after USAir and AA officially merged. That is also reason number 1,188 that I hate AA....!!!!
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    Yes, it does have to do with thendifference on your itinerary to determine what you are entitled to do. The letter you are referring to I think is called the fare class. We got very lucky, because we booked a fairly inexpensive business class ticket. The flight we changed to was actually $200 more per person but because it was in the same fare class, we weren't required to pay the difference. Here is a copy paste from AA giving you an idea of when they will allow you to change a nonrefundable ticket:

     If a schedule change is from a nonstop to a connection or
    through flight, a refund to form of payment (FOP) is allowed.
    Please submit a refund request through your GDS.
     A schedule change or flight delay of 60 minutes or less is
    NOT eligible for a refund.
     If a schedule change is 61-120 minutes, refund to voucher
    only is allowed. Please request a Refund Application via
    BSP Link.
     If a schedule change is more than 120 minutes or flight
    cancelled, a refund of the ticket to the original form of
    payment (FOP) is allowed. If the ticket is wholly unused, the
    refund can be processed through the GDS. If the ticket is
    partially used, please request a Refund Application via BSP
    Always planning our next trip
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