We booked our flight departure for Saturday, February 14th, 2015 with Air Canada...and just received an itinerary update. Usually this just means they've changed the flight number or aircraft or something with minimal impact.

Then I looked a little closer at the itinerary and, much to my surprise, our departure date was now stated as Sunday, February 15th.

I immediately called Air Canada and asked what was up. "We canceled the flight."

Nobody called to see if we wanted to make alternative arrangements or what the impact was on our end (we're now out $300 on a non-refundable night at the villa we booked). They offered to fly us through Newark with an overnight - which would arrive, you guessed it, on the Sunday. "What would be the point?!?"

I'm not kidding you - I received the following in my inbox while I was on the phone with them...

"Award Winning" Air Canada-ac-jpg

There's a reason WestJet's revenues are quickly rising...