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Thread: Getting to Aruba from the States.

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    Getting to Aruba from the States.

    It seemed like it was a little confusing but I did make it to Aruba today and this was my experience. I am however a Resident so I did not have to get the covid insurance but other than that, everything is the same. You do need to get the ED card filled out and at both airports, a lot of people were totally lost. So you can fill out your flight and arrival time and flight number. But then 12 to 72 hours before you fly, you have to send the part 2 where it wants you to send them the pdf file of your results. So we have a free place to get tested about 15 minutes from our house. So that was just a nice motorcycle ride there one day and there was nobody in line. So I went July 2 and I was not flying till July 10th to Charlotte and then overnighting and then to Aruba July 11th. So after I took the test, it was 2 days later and I got the results. So I waited till July 8th which was 72 hours before I arrived in Aruba and took a second test. Well they said they are behind on getting the test back but I still went online and sent them the test I got a week ago. That was the day I flew to Charlotte. Because I was hoping my new test would show up but no luck on that. So about 1 hour later they e-mailed me a ED number with a bar code. Well I was at the hotel with no printer so I took a picture of it. When I got to Charlotte, thats the first thing they wanted to see since I was going to Aruba. Then when you get to your gate, they want everyone to come up and show them the ED number. So I believe if you don't have the ED number and bar code, you will not be going to Aruba. Well then I get a e-mail from Immigration saying they need more info because they seen it was taken 8 days ago. Well I was on the plane so I figured if I have to take a test in Aruba, so be it. So I landed and went thru customs and got my checked bags. Then is when they want to see the ED number and bar code. Then you put your bags on the belt so they can scan them and then is where they will have a list and if your name shows that you did not have a test less than 72 hours, they give you a choice. You can pay the $75 and then quarantine and they said it takes about 12 hours till they call you with the results. Or they said I can leave and quarantine until I get my results back from the Wed test and then he gave me 2 e-mails that I would have to send the results to when I get them back. So you have to quarantine until that time. So hopefully this will help some of you but I am sure they will keep changing the rules so stay tuned and Andrea keeps up with the changes pretty well. The Island sure is different with very few tourist but its sort of nice!!!
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    Thanks for sharing your experience. Getting the test results seems to be the biggest stress factor for people. Glad you made it without too much trouble.

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    My friend and her husband flew out of Newark on United this morning. I asked her if they did a Covid test before and if so where. They went to Riverside Medical Group in Secaucus. They have a 15 min. turnaround time. She said it was easy to upload results. She sent me a quick Facebook message that they were heading to the beach after a cocktail! So, if anyone is wondering where to get tested in the NJ/NY area, it sounds like this is a good place. Now all I have to do is figure out when we can reschedule our trip. My husband isn’t there yet and I understand completely.
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    Thank you Stoney4555! I may just take a ride to Secaucus in a few weeks!
    Loving Aruba from NJ
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