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Thread: Info on cancelling your flight

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    good luck with that!

    Quote Originally Posted by WaltVB View Post

    Interesting link there! But let me tell you about my experience with KLM. They cancelled our flights yesterday, so I rang to request a refund only to be told you can have a voucher that lasts upto a year, also that if the costs of of the flight goes up in that time you may have to pay the difference. Later that night I then received another email stating they had changed the flights to the same day. so very clever tactics hardball indeed!
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    I've aways been a believer of travel insurance but sometimes it doesn't work in your favor like with this pandemic. Back in 2018 when Ms Daisy got sick I had airfare for Aruba in Sep 2018 and Puerto Rico Nov 2018. I did have travel insurance but Jet Blue gave me 100% credit bank, Delta gave me credit bank which I used mine in 2019 but Ms Daisy could not use hers. So the Insurance reimbursed me for both Delta Flights which was great and around $1,100. At the time they were offering time share insurance which I did not get so I lost out in the cancelled Sep trip to La Cabana trade.

    This year I have 3 trips planned out. A cruise from NY to Bermuda on May 17th with Norwegian Cruise Line. The cruise line stopped operation until May 11th but I doubt they will resume May 12th. Most likely Bermuda will not let a bunch of New Yorkers into their port and I don't blame them since we have so many confirmed cases of the virus. Either way I do not plan on going. The cruise like is offering future credit of around 125% or refund within 90 days of cancelling. I think I will take the refund as I'm not sure I want to cruise any time soon but maybe 3 to 5 years from now if all is cleared with this virus. I did take out insurance with the cruise line and I believe I will be reimbursed for those premiums as well.

    I have 2 time share exchanged to Aruba this year. The first in Sep to La Cabana and the second in December to Aruba Phoenix. I took out insurance on time share for both weeks but Allianz is not covering the times share loss for the pandemic whether the resort is closed or travel ban. They can only reimburse the insurance premium I paid. The airfare for September I mostly used JB Points and paid around $300. I'm pretty sure I will get a bank credit. I did not book airfare for December's trip so no worries there but I am hopeful that I can go but if not then next year.

    Even though the trip insurance is not covering timeshare loss, had I gone on the trip and gotten sick, they were willing to cover claims for the virus which is my main reason for getting insurance especially the medivac so don't be discouraged from taking the insurance in the future if the trip is not being reimbursed.

    Lots of luck to all!

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