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Thread: Arubabank Increases Non Resident Account Charges to $35 per Month

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    elephant_guy Thank you very much for this information about CIBC. Very helpful to read a report from an actual client. Gives me info to ponder!
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    Looks like an increase from October in most CIBC Bank Personal Banking Charges.

    It's now AFL 7.50 for a Florin Chequing Account up from AFL 3.00.
    US Dollar Chequing Account is US Dollar $15.00.

    Not ideal but still looks far more attractive than either CMB or ArubaBank.

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    Thanks for all the info about banking etc.
    "Thinking" well planning to buy in Aruba but looks like the US money and banking in general plus paying bills is a little tricky.
    I don't plan to rent out but what about the property management option. Is that someone you get from your own community ?
    For instance looking at Gold Coast, would they have someone there to hire even if I'm not renting?
    In general what is the cost? Would I need to open up a bank account in Aruba anyway?
    So much to learn Thanks All
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