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Thread: Car License Plates

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    Car License Plates

    Our neighbor in Aruba sold his car earlier this year. He found out (the hard way) that if you do not transfer the plate, it must be returned. Otherwise you will be charged and have to pay for the plate, even if not on a vehicle.
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    Having just sold a car here - we were also told that it is our responsibility to notify the insurance agent that our car is sold so we will not be charged for it -
    that there is something about if you don't notify them promptly you still might be liable for the insurance for the car.

    We went to the tax office with the buyer, went to the cashier section with our ids, and was in and out in about 15 minutes. We had them transfer the plates to the seller which made things easy. No worries about having to return them.

    But were suprised that we had to go in and sit at an agent's desk at the insurance company rather than just dropping off a letter the car was sold. I made sure I had 2 copies of the letter and had them stamp one for me stating that they stopped the insurance in case I need it.
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    wow, that's would think a letter to the insurance company would be enough...guess they just want to make sure cars are insured....would not be a bad idea here in the states...especially when you hear about all the folks that drive without it and if you are involved in an accident with them you have to pay for there stupidity...
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