pretty stack ring

you mentioned the blue delft.
i have my eye on a service for 10 of dinner plate, salad bowl, mug and saucer.
a neighbor, from holland, is moving and is downsizing.
if her sister does not want the set, i plan to buy it from her.
love it!

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I thought I answered this before, but can't find my post. If this is a repeat, please forgive.

On our honeymoon we bought a giant fur rug that we used as a wallhanging (I know, weird, but we were young). I have no memories of how we got it home but it is circular and at least 5 feet in diameter with different shades of brown fur. It hung on our wall for many years until we repainted, and it never got put back up. Hmmmmm. Need to find that.

My favorites are jewelry. DH bought me a stack ring in 1992 or so. I still wear it everydayAttachment 4358

I think it's my favorite piece of jewelry. This past trip we purchased a tennis bracelet with the same 3 gemstones.

DH has also gotten a watch or two when we've been shopping in Aruba. We previously bought Blue Delft pieces for my mother-in-law each year. But she has told us that she has more than enough now.