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Thread: Driving, road conditions and roundabouts

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    Driving, road conditions and roundabouts

    Aruba's roads are in need of repair.
    Please keep this in mind every time that you get behind the wheel.

    The road from Palm Beach up to Boca Catalina Beach is in rough shape.

    The roundabouts...........if you are already in the rotary proceed with caution.
    If you want to enter, please make sure that no one is coming from your left and already in the rotary.
    Be aware that many of the rotaries have curbing in them to keep you in your lane.
    If in doubt stick with the inner path and make the circle and then decide on the 2nd time around if you need to be in the outer or inner lane
    (Especially at the SuperFood rotary heading North)

    In heavy rains, stay off of the Watty Vos and other low lying areas...........along Eagle beach just north of Amsterdam Manor to the construction area of Embassy Suites.
    Poor drainage.
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    When it really pours, all the roads are just one huge puddle. They have no street drains at all. The area from the Rui down through the high rise area should have been repaved a long time ago. When we first were looking at buying a condo, we thought about bring over an early Mustang instead of buying a new car but because of the roads we decided not to do it.

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