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Thread: Natural Pool Organized tour vs On Your Own

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    Natural Pool Organized tour vs On Your Own

    Someone on one of the FB groups made a posting about getting to the Natural Pool.
    I will not post her name as this is a private group.
    This is what she says:

    Took the Jeep to Arikok today and was in total shock at how actually treacherous it was attempting to get to the Natural Pool. It was scary (as in, we're going to blow the tires off this raggedy Jeep) and painful. I may need to find an island chiropractor tomorrow. 😁
    The craziest part is that going back, we accidentally took a different route that ended up being way less terrible and literally took us 18 minutes to get back. Did we miss something starting at the visitor center?!

    Every so often I remind folks that taking an organized tour may be the best way to go to the "natural pool or off road exploring."
    We have a few members here that live and breathe for the fun associated with being out there on their own and those folks absolutely know what they are doing.
    For the rest of us..........take the tour.

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    When I was around 9 years old my father rented a jeep for the day and decided we would go on an adventure. It took roughly 2 hours to get to Conchi from Seroe Colorado because he got lost, lol! At one point my mother made me climb out of the jeep with her as my father decided it would be a great idea to "off road". Needless to say, the jeep almost rolled, our cooler went flying, and dear old dad was thisclose to having to change his shorts. After that day, he never rented another jeep!

    Hubby and I will be there this coming month, and I am perfectly fine doing a guided tour to the Natural Pool!
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    I do think the increased rainfall will affect conditions of the trails, meaning more rain equals worse conditions.
    I truly have mixed emotions on this subject. Our first trip we took a tour to the Natural Pool with ABC and saw a jeep with a flat tire and I swore we would never go it alone. When we have rented UTVs from George's Cycles they advised us were were not allowed to take their vehicles to the Natural Pool and we both agreed we shouldn't because if something happened it could really ruin our trip, and cause unnecessary stress.

    On our most recent trip, we rented the Deluxe Jeep from Yes that was built for rough terrain. Ricardo (the owner) was talking to my husband and brought up going to the Natural Pool during his instructions on using 4 wheel drive. Of course that made Jon decide we really HAD to go back. I was still a little concerned because I'm sure insurance won't cover you if something does happen off-roading. When we did the trip this year, the conditions were not as bad as I remembered them and Jon had a great time. I had a good time too, and enjoyed the views. We didn't go into the pool because the park office advised against it, as the water was extremely rough. He is experienced in off-road driving. He just took his time. We thought we were going out the same way we came in, but we definitely did not. The road we took out was a lot worse.
    My advice, go with a tour first and then judge for yourself if you want to go back on your own. There are videos on you tube you can watch, but nothing like the real thing. If you have back or neck problems, I would skip it.
    Always planning our next trip
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    I have driven a jeep there twice with no issues and by that I mean no accidents. It was a rough ride but we took our time and was quite an adventure. I agree with Tracy, take a tour first and then decide on future trips.

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    Totally agree - take a guided tour first! The first time we went we were very lucky to find a tour to follow and my SIL who was driving was very careful to follow the path of the tour. It was still QUITE an adventure!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ
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