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Thread: Roundabout Careful..Please Please Please

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    There are a lot of people who walk to SuperFoods from Oceania, too. We warn them not to do so, and have offered to drive them, but they walk anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post
    Please be so very careful at the roundabout @ SuperFoods.

    There was a crash early this morning and a fatality.
    That roundabout also has a crosswalk very close to its proximity...........
    Please folks be careful.

    We always wait until cars have stopped before entering the crosswalk. But I never cease to be amazed how people cross the street in front of the path from La Cabana which is 100 feet or so from the actual crosswalk.

    And this even though the crosswalk is just about directly in front of the Super Foods entrance.
    So, they are not even taking a short cut.
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    Quote Originally Posted by schexc View Post
    They should really take that signs down at the road entering la cabana and tropicana that state "walking path to super foods"...!
    The sign should say “USE THE CROSSWALK”
    I have seriously considered adding that with a felt marker.
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    Roundabout Careful..Please Please Please-ef5a1f11-629c-434a-8513-93bf4b7d9ebd-jpgThis is what I tried to post a few days ago. See where I drew in the crosswalk? That is the approximate area where it really is. People from the Eagle Resort and LaCabana and Amsterdam Manor cross here.
    Danger Will Robinson!!

    5 years ago forum member Vallon was hit by a car in that area.
    He was very fortunate that his injuries were not terribly serious.

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